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    We have software for different subjects and courses. Each download or practice has more than three thousand multiple choice questions in the database that are randomly selected, timed, and scored. The software has been designed with excellent background. It permits review of wrong answered choices at the end of a practice. During the review period, the user is able to provide solution to the wrong answer choices under non-timed conditions. The solution provided from the student’s own research promotes learning, and the approach or method used in arriving at the right answer becomes part and parcel of the student forever.

    The software is available in three main formats designed to ensure that no student is left out because of financial constraints.

    Online Web Practise

    Online Web Practice

    This format allows the user to use the software on the internet. Here, the user pays a token and he or she is allowed access to subjects or courses online for the different levels for a period of month. Users are able to extend subscriptions for more months or unlimited access. Please email for more information.

    Desktop Download

    Desktop Download

    This is an offline version where users can download the software to their local computers. Access is lifetime and the user can practice anytime from anywhere. No internet is required for practices once the software has been downloaded to individuals’ local computers.

    Schools Bulk Installation

    Schools Bulk Installation

    We provide bulk installation for schools. It functions just like the Desktop Download format. It is standalone application that is completely independent of internet. Teachers can use the software as part of mock exams for final students at the JHS and SHS levels. This saves lots of effort and with regards to proctoring and grading. Email or call us for details.

    About Us

    Core Concepts provides AI-predicted mock tests, based on a database of thousands of exam questions. Our interactive software allows students at different levels go through past and likely examination questions, both in a web browser and as a downloadable program that requires no internet to run. It is accessible on any computer and laptop. It ensures an accurate simulation of future tests as well as truly allowing students to absorb the material.

    The founders, after spending many years in the teaching and academic fields, have gathered information on students’ actual needs regarding exam prep. They combined that information with their programming knowledge to create this valuable program that will make sure any student can ace future tests.

    Dr. Stephen Armah is currently an adjunct professor in the mechanical engineering department of the North Carolina A&T State University (NCAT), in Greensboro, NC. Dr. Armah holds BSc Mechanical Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana (1999), MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, UK (2003), and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from The Open University, UK (2009). He has over 20 years of teaching experience in high school and college level classes in Ghana, the UK, and the USA. For the last 14 years, Dr. Armah has also been carrying out assessment work for Edexcel (Pearson), OCR, and AQA in the UK.

    Dr. Ismaila Emahi is a visiting chemistry professor at the University of Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Emahi obtained his BSc in Chemistry from KNUST, Ghana (2005), MSc in Water and Environmental Management from the University of Gloucestershire, UK (2007), and PhD in Chemistry from the Saint Louis University, USA (2015). He has years of teaching experience including a teaching assistant position at KNUST, high school tutoring in the UK and US, graduate teaching assistant during his MSc and PhD degrees, and as a past lecturer in the Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, IL.

    Mr. Sakyi is a senior chemical engineer with chemical corporation DuPont in the US. Nana holds to his credit a BSc in Chemical Engineering from KNUST, (2001), MPhil in Environmental Science from University of Ghana (2007), and MSc in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University (2011). Mr. Sakyi has over twenty years of teaching experience in high school and college level classes, both in Ghana and USA.

    Feel free to contact our team through email anytime. Expect a fast and thorough response! We are ready to discuss this great opportunity for you, your child, or your students.

    Meet Our Team

    Our founding members have spent many years in both teaching and academic fields.

    Mr. Nana Sakyi

    Director Innovations


    Dr. Stephen Armah

    Founding Member


    Dr. Ismaila Emahi

    Executive Director



    We provide software practice-tests of multiple choice questions for different education levels to facilitate preparations towards exams of various subjects.
    PLEASE NOTE: For English subjects, all questions that require answer in antonym or opposite in meaning have been highlighted in yellow to differentiate them from the nearest in meaning questions.

      • Junior High School

      • $5/month

        • Integrated Science
        • Social Studies
        • English Language
        • Mathematics
        • RME
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      • Senior High School

      • $5/Month

        • Core Subjects
        • Science Major
        • Business Major
        • General Arts
        • Vocational Skills
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      • Post Secondary

      • $5/month

        • Business Cert. Professional
        • General Knowledge
        • Foundation Math
        • University Entrance
        • College Students
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    We provide the best resources in the market.

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